Lisa Hebden - Portfolio Gallery


Girls & Girlhood

2008 - 2018

These paintings focus on the strength and vulnerability of young girls. They become women on the outside and yet remain, in many ways, child-like. This fragile, tumultuous time is the foundation of this work.

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I am passionate about people. My
work is populated with figures in relationship to one another, and in solitary reflection. Many paintings depict transparent surfaces, forming both barriers and windows to the figures, creating psychological tension and intimacy between the subject and the viewer. I am fascinated by patterns of light that illuminate the spaces between us.

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Heart of Glass




These paintings are about letting go. They are about the joy of being outside and feeling centered and whole. Even just for a few moments.

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Narrative Spaces

2009 - 2017

I combine imagery derived from my drawings, photographs, and ephemera to develop scenes that could exist in the real world, but which have an otherworldliness to them.

The irregularities that occur in the resulting figures further evoke a sense of transition. The luminosity of each moment is made more potent by the knowledge that it is fleeting. I like the idea that an apparently light scene has an indefinable, darker side.

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